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United Nations, 2005 Global E-Government Readiness Report: From E-Government to E-Inclusion (UNPAN/2005/14) (2005) (full-text).

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Exploring the interlinkages between e-government and development, this Report presents an assessment of the countries according to their state of e-government readiness and the extent of e-participation worldwide. The Report ranks the 191 Member States of the UN according to a quantitative composite index of e-readiness based on website assessment, telecommunications infrastructure and human resource endowment.

The basic message in this Report is that there are huge disparities in the access and use of information technologies, and that these disparities are not likely to be removed in the near future unless a concerted action is taken at the national, regional and the international levels. The Survey presents a comparative ranking of the countries of the world according to two primary indicators: (i) the state of e-government readiness; and (ii) the extent of e-participation. The report is in two parts: Part I presents the UN Global E-Government Readiness Survey 2005, while Part II goes deeper into the access parameters of disparity.