Overview[edit | edit source]

The 24 Hour Log is a database maintained by the Intelligence Watch and Warning (IWW) division of the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A). It serves as an information source for I&A analysts to support awareness of developing incidents and events and to provide a resource for the conduct of event analysis. The 24 Hour Log supports the operation of the Intelligence Watch desk in the DHS National Operations Center (NOC). The Watch Desk is staffed by I&A IWW personnel who provide round-the-clock intelligence support to the NOC.

Data stored in the 24 Hour Log is received from the Intelligence Community (IC) via incoming record message traffic; classified and unclassified email; reports submitted via internal channels from DHS law enforcement components; reports (email, telephone, or facsimile) from Homeland Security mission partners (Federal, state, local, tribal, and industry) and reports broadcast by news media.

Information collected[edit | edit source]

The information entered into the log is dependent upon the content of the source report used to generate the log entry. The information for each incident varies depending upon the incident and circumstances surrounding the [[data collection|collection of information about the incident.

Information may be collected about the person who reported the incident and people involved in a reported incident, which may turn up varying levels of personal information, most often name and citizenship. Additional personal information may be collected and may include, but is not limited to, Social Security Number, passport or driver's license numbers or other identifying information; location of residency, names of associates, political or religious affiliations or membership in some group or organization, and other information deemed important by the reporting official.

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