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The ALliance for the Information Society-Phase 2 (@LIS2) is a European Commission Programme aiming to continue the promotion of the Information Society and fight the digital divide throughout Latin America. Its objectives are to continue to promote, and at the same time improve and extend the dialogue and applications on Information Society in Latin America, boost interconnections between research networks and communities in both regions reducing the digital divide and integrating Latin America into a Global Information Society. The Programme was adopted by decision of the European Commission on 16th October 2008.

The activities of the programme (in which all LA countries are involved) have been organised around three lines of action with as many projects to be implemented between 2009 and 2012. Each of the projects contribute to bringing the communities of players and users of the two regions closer and facilitate the integration of the Latin-American countries in a Global Information Society.

All foreseen activities in the framework of the @LIS2 programme have been awarded and are currently under implementation.

Source Edit

European Commission, "@LIS2 - ALliance for the Information Society, phase 2" (full-text).