Overview Edit

A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Transparent Elections (ACCURATE) is a multi-institution voting research center funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the CyberTrust program.

The goals of the Center are:

  • Voting Technology Research: to research ways in which technology can be used to improve voting systems and the voting process and to develop the science that will help inform the election community and the public about the tradeoffs among various voting technologies and procedures.
  • Multidisciplinary Scientific Impact: to translate scientific developments in voting system science to other areas of computer science, human factors and public policy.
  • Academic and Public Outreach: to serve as a resource to the elections community, politicians, vendors and the public about issues related to public policy, technology, and law with respect to voting and to publish and disseminate our research so that future systems can benefit from the center's work.