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A Vision of Change for America and Technology for America’s Economic Growth, A New Direction to Build Economic Strength (Feb. 1993).

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This proposal, developed by the Clinton Administration, called for a national commitment to, and a strategy for, technological advancement as part of a defined national economic policy. This detailed strategy offered a policy agenda for economic growth in the United States, of which technological development and industrial competitiveness were critical components.

In articulating a national technology policy, the approach initially recommended and subsequently followed by the Clinton Administration provided a wide range of options while for the most part reflecting then-current trends in congressional efforts to facilitate industrial advancement. This policy, backed by congressional legislation, increased federal coordination and augmented direct government spending for technological development. While many past activities focused primarily on research, the new initiatives shifted the emphasis toward development of new products, processes, and services by the private sector for the commercial marketplace. In addition, a significant number of the proposals aimed to increase both government and private sector support for R&D leading to the commercialization of technology.