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The Air Force Network Operations and Security Center Network Security Division (AFNOSC/NSD) is the single point of contact in the Air Force for computer security incidents and vulnerabilities. This division of the AFNOSC assesses, analyzes, and provides countermeasures for computer security incidents and vulnerabilities reported by monitoring equipment, AFNOSC Net Operations Division, NOSCs, and other agencies.

The AFNOSC Net Security Division is responsible for the defense of Air Force networks against computer network attack and exploitation. It serves as the Air Force OPR responsible for incident response and countermeasure generation for incidents that traverse multiple MAJCOMs or meet/exceed current Air Force incident thresholds.

The AFNOSC Net Security Division also identifies vulnerabilities, validates and analyzes incidents, provides correlation services, generates risk reduction countermeasures, and collects, compiles, assesses, and reports unauthorized network activity and security incident statistics. The AFNOSC Net Security Division works with the AFNOSC Net Operations Division, MAJCOM NOSCs, and bases in eradicating malicious logic from a network and/or information system and assists in assessing the scope of unauthorized network activities and incidents. The AFNOSC Net Security Division is the Air Force OPR to register, acknowledge, and track implementation of DoD CERT Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts as defined in DoD directives.

The AFNOSC Net Security Division reports to and takes direction from the AFNOSC C2 Division for security issues.

Source Edit

Secretary of the Air Force, Air Force Instruction 33-115, Vol. 1 (May 3, 2004) (full-text), replaced by Air Force Instruction 33-115 (Sept. 16, 2014) (full-text).