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See cryptographic algorithm.

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An algorithm is

[a] specific approach, often described in mathematical terms, used by a computer to solve a certain problem or carry out a certain task.[1]

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An algorithm refer to "methods of combining in a program, instructions given to a computer."[2]

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An algorithm is

  • "[a] prescribed set of well defined rules or processes for the solution of a problem."[3]
  • "a particular method devised to solve a particular problem (or class of problems)."[4]
  • "a step-by-step, problem-solving procedure, especially an established computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps."[5]

An algorithm is

a well-defined computational procedure for taking an input and producing an output. Algorithms are tools for solving computational problems--an algorithm describes a specific computational procedure for achieving a desired input/output relationship.[7]

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