Overview Edit

The INTERPOL's Asia-South Pacific Working Party on Information Technology Crime (ASPWP), held in 1997, attempted to identify key aspects of IT crime. Since then, it has not only identified key IT crime problem areas, but has begun to provide solutions to these issues through a combination of international co-operation, sharing of knowledge and practical experience, and coordinated training efforts.

ASPWP has reached many milestones, including:

  • Coordination of training workshops on IT crime investigations and computer forensics relating to the defined key IT crime issues
  • Creation and coordination of the following projects.
    • Case Information Sharing Project (Leader: Korean National Police Agency): to share the experience of IT Crime investigations and study from the investigation strategies of previous cases
    • Training Project: (Leader: Hong Kong Police Force): to create/update training manuals and provide training to member countries
    • Computer Forensic Project (Leader: National Police Agency, Japan): to share each country’s forensic knowledge and procedures for dealing with various types of digital devices
    • Intelligent Scoping Project (Leader: INTERPOL General Secretariat): to measure and define the current scope of IT crime, as well as the current law enforcement initiative against such crime
  • Organization of Interpol Information Technology Crime Investigation and Training Seminars to exchange and share practical knowledge and know-how through hands-on experience.