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Government of Australia, Australia's Cyber Security Strategy (Apr. 26, 2016) (full-text).

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This document sets out the Australian Government's philosophy and program for meeting the dual challenges of the digital age — advancing and protecting citizen's interests online. The maintenance of security online and the protection of freedom online are not only compatible but reinforce each other. A secure cyberspace provides trust and confidence for individuals, business and the public sector to share ideas, collaborate and innovate.

The need for an open, free and secure Internet goes far beyond economics. It is important for ensuring public and financial accountability and strengthening democratic institutions. It underpins freedom of expression and reinforces safe and vibrant communities.

The Government is committed to enabling innovation, growth and prosperity for all Australians through strong cyber security. This Strategy establishes five themes of action for Australia’s cyber security over the next four years to 2020:

1. A national cyber partnership
2. Strong cyber defences
3. Global responsibility and influence
4. Growth and innovation
5. A cyber smart nation.

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