Overview Edit

The Auto-ID Labs are the leading global research network of academic laboratories in the field of Internet of Things. The labs comprise seven of the world's most renowned research universities located on four different continents — Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S); University of Cambridge (U.K.); University of Adelade (Australia); Keio University (Japan); KAIST Lab (South Korea); Fudan University (China); and ETH Zurich/HSG Lab (Switzerland).

The labs believe that the next generation of the Internet of Things can revolutionize global commerce and provide previously unrealizable consumer benefits. The primary research partner is GS1 — a not-for-profit organization that is renowned for establishing standards for global commerce, such as introducing barcodes to the retail industry almost 40 years ago. The labs aim to add the consumer to the currently B2B-oriented business model of GS1 and explore opportunities for new hardware, software, business processes and applications.