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General[edit | edit source]

An autonomous system is

capable of understanding higher level intent and direction. From this understanding and its perception of its environment, such a system is able to take appropriate action to bring about a desired state. It is capable of deciding a course of action, from a number of alternatives, without depending on human oversight and control, although these may still be present.[1]
ICT-based system[] which ha[s] the ability to properly understand and perceive their environment, translate this perception into meaningful actions and then execute these actions without human supervision. Intelligent robots and cognitive systems are autonomous systems — for example, autonomous cars, monitoring systems or sophisticated trading algorithms on the stock exchange.[2]

Internet[edit | edit source]

An autonomous system is

a group of IP networks operated by one or more network operators that has a single and clearly defined external routing policy.[3]

Autonomous systems are

the mechanism to aggregate large groups of computers (e.g., Internet protocol addresses) into single networks — such as that of a specific Internet service provider or organization.[4]

RPAS[edit | edit source]

An autonomous system is

one that perceives its environment and determines if this affects its goals, and it takes action to ensure as far as practicable (and safe) that its goals will be achieved. It reasons about its course of action from a number of alternatives, to achieve these goals without recourse to human oversight and control.[5]

References[edit | edit source]

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