Overview Edit

The Centre for eGovernance Development (CeGD) has seven objectives:

  1. To increase efficiency and to improve democratic and economic processes in Southeast Europe (SEE) by building an open Information Society.
  2. To support the eGovernance programs of the participants in the eSEE (Electronic SEE) and bSEE (Broadband SEE) initiatives.
  3. To serve a single regional coordination point and build a network of programs and training nodes in the field of eGovernance.
  4. To disseminate the information and good practices by facilitating training and advising leaders and regional governments in the use of ICT.
  5. To develop and facilitate optimal institutional linkages and relationships among the countries of SEE (experiences, leadership, relationship with donors and governments)
  6. To encourage regional ownership and be closely coordinated with those regional initiatives that would benefit from SEE eGovernance initiatives.
  7. To enable strong participation and benefits for regional governments that support monitoring, design and implementation of policy-related elements of the modern Information Society.

Source Edit

  • Greek Interoperability Centre.[1]