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Comptroller General of the United States (GAO), Computer-Related Crimes in Federal Programs (FGMSD-76-27) (Apr. 27, 1976) (full-text).

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Computer systems have added a new dimension for potential crime, and computer-related crimes in federal programs are cause for growing concern.

In its analysis of the existence of computer-related crime in federal programs, GAO found that information on computer-related crimes is difficult to obtain because the crimes frequently are not classified as such by investigative agencies. Most of the crimes have been committed by persons who possess limited technical knowledge of computers; they are usually users of automatic data processing systems rather than programmers, operators, or analysts.

Additionally, GAO found that management controls over the systems involved in crime were inadequate. One way for managers to insure that systems are properly controlled is to use internal audit staffs effectively; auditors can identify control weaknesses that may result in criminal activity.