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European Commission, Council Framework Decision on Combating Serious Attacks Against Information Systems, COM(2002) 173 final, Off. J. C 203 E of 27.8.2002 (full-text).

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The objectives of this Council Framework Decision was to approximate criminal law in the area of serious attacks against information systems, in particular to contribute to the fight against organized crime and terrorism, and to ensure the greatest possible police and judicial co-operation in the area of criminal offenses related to attacks against information systems.

The main types of criminal offenses covered by this Framework Decision are attacks against information systems, such as piracy, viruses and denial of service attacks.

This new criminal activity, which knows no borders, can be prevented and combated by:

To this end, the present Framework Decision proposes the approximation of criminal law systems and the enhancement of cooperation between judicial authorities concerning:

In all cases, the criminal act must be intentional. Those who instigate, aid, abet and attempt to commit any of the above offenses will also be liable to punishment.

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