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OECD, Cryptography Policy: The Guidelines and the Issues (The OECD Cryptography Policy Guidelines and the Report on Background and Issues of Cryptography Policy) (OCDE/GD(97)204) (Mar. 27, 1997) (full-text).

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These Guidelines are broad in nature and reflect the diversity of views among [[OECD} Member countries. The Secretariat has prepared a Report on Background and Issues of Cryptography Policy to explain the context for the Guidelines and the basic issues involved in the cryptography policy debate.

The Report explains the need for international action and summarises related work carried out so far by the OECD and certain other organisations. The Report is an information document intended to assist public discussion of the Guidelines, as opposed to influencing the interpretation of the Guidelines. While it provides more detail on the breadth of the issues covered in the Guidelines, the Report does not vary the meaning of the Guidelines and must not be used as an interpretative guide.

The Report has been drafted by the Secretariat, which has benefited from discussions with a number of national experts. However, the Report was only discussed very briefly during the meetings of the Ad hoc Group of Experts on Cryptography Policy Guidelines.

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