Overview Edit

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Coordinating Group (CTICG) was established to further the collaborative efforts of the MS-ISAC and strengthen information sharing. It is a means to facilitate valuable situational awareness and identification of interrelationships between physical and cyber security activities.

The CTICG conducts monthly classified briefings for situational awareness and to identify opportunities for collaboration. CTICG members partner on myriad investigations, including sharing intelligence about IP addresses and other data to facilitate malware investigations, and assisting in identifying attack origins. The MS-ISAC's new forensic lab is used to assist in cyber cases among the CTICG members.

The group is also working on a cyber asset mapping project to help better identify where physical and cyber assets coexist, assess the impacts of potential incidents and identify strategies for mitigating those risks.

The CTICG has issued white papers on a number of cyber security topics including wire transfer fraud, social media threats and zero-day exploits. These briefings are made available publicly.

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