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The Spanish Cybercrime Central Unit of the Guardia Civil was created in 1996 (under the title "Group of Computer Crime (GDI)") to address computer crimes. The exponential growth of network users led to the growth of the group, which was renamed the "Department of High Tech Crime (DDAT)" and began to focus on fraud in the telecommunications sector.

With the socialization of the Internet and the growth of criminal acts, the range of investigative powers was extended to all of those delinquent behaviors that took place through information systems or against them — known as cybercrime. The department changed its name to the present, Crime Group Telematics (GDT). These changes were accompanied by the creation of the Technological Research Equipment (EDIT) in each of the provinces of Spain.

The main effort of the GDT and EDIT has been and continues to be the investigation of crimes that uses networks and information systems for their commission. They are also involved in promoting the safe use of new technologies, knowing that eventually this effort will help minimize the impact of crime.