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Department of Defense, DOD Directive (DODD) TS3600.1, Information Warfare (Dec. 1992) (not available online).


This top-secret document, like most policy documents, only provided general guidance and a definition of information warfare. Even though DODD TS3600.1 introduced the concept of information warfare, this highly classified document's significance was made known only through conferences, studies, and wargames in which its substance became the subject of discussion and action.

DODD TS3600.1 was truly a novel thought at the time it was published. Its conceptual focus was on that which we have come to know more recently as computer network attack (CNA). DOD Directive TS3600.1 was a crucial first step in which, by the end of 1992, DOD initiated the dialogue on the subject of information warfare and computer network attack. Even though it was highly classified, it was an important beginning in that it caused senior officials of the DOD, as well as their interagency counterparts, to start to consider the fact and implications of information warfare and computer network attacks.