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The Defense Central Index of Investigations (DCII) is a centralized database, organized in a searchable format, of selected unique identifying information and security clearance data utilized by security and investigative agencies in the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as selected other Federal agencies, to determine security clearance status and the existence or physical location of criminal and personnel security investigative files.

The DCII database is physically maintained by the Defense Manpower Data Center; however, the data that it contains is the responsibility of the contributing agencies.  Access is limited to DOD and other federal agencies with adjudicative, investigative, and/or counterintelligence missions. Information contained in the DCII is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974.

  • Indexing is the procedure whereby an organization responsible for conducting criminal investigations submits identifying information concerning subjects, victims, or incidentals of investigations for addition to the DCII.
  • A subject is a person, corporation, or other legal entity about which credible information exists that would cause a trained criminal investigator to presume that the person, corporation, or other legal entity committed a criminal offense.
  • The title block is the portion of an investigative report used to identify the persons, entities, or activities on which the investigation focuses.
  • Titling is the act of placing the name(s) of a person(s), corporation(s), other legal entity, organization(s), or occurrence(s) in the title block of a criminal investigative report.

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