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National Research Council, Committee on Privacy in the Information Age, Engaging Privacy and Information Technology in a Digital Age (2007) (full-text).


The Committee surveyed and analyzed the causes for concern risks to personal information associated with new technologies (primarily information technologies, but from time to time biotechnologies as appropriate) and their interaction with nontechnology-based risks, the incidence of actual problems relative to the potential for problems, and trends in technology and practice that will influence impacts on privacy.

Further, the Committee was asked to take into account changes in technology; business, government, and other organizational demand for and supply of personal information; and the increasing capabilities for individuals to collect and use, as well as disseminate, personal information. Although certain areas (e.g., health and national security) were singled out for special attention, the goal was to paint a big picture that at least sketched the contours of the full set of interactions and tradeoffs.