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Al Gore, Jr., From Red Tape to Results, Creating a Government That Works Better & Costs Less: Reengineering Through Information Technology (Accompanying Report of the National Performance Review) (Sept. 13, 1993) (full-text).

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The National Performance Review is about change — historic change — in the way the government works. The Clinton administration believes it is time for a new customer service contract with the American people, a new guarantee of effective, efficient, and responsive government. As the title makes clear, the National Performance Review is about moving from red tape to results to create a government that works better and costs less.

These are our twin missions: to make government work better and cost less. The President has already addressed the federal deficit with the largest deficit reduction package in history. The National Performance Review can reduce the deficit further, but it is not just about cutting spending. It is also about closing the trust deficit: proving to the American people that their tax dollars will be treated with respect for the hard work that earned them. We are taking action to put America's house in order.

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