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What is the Knowledge Panel?[]

These are information boxes displayed by Google once a user searches for entities like a place, organization, event, business, brand, etc. presented in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

The service was officially launched in May 2012. It’s designed to better users’ experience by helping them understand facts and relationships that exist within search results to increase results and conversion rates.

Google Knowledge Panel is designed to connect different knowledge sources; however, it uses Wikipedia as its most cited source.

And once the main source of information is edited, updated, or changed, the knowledge Panel Update automatically.[1]

Benefits of Using a Google Knowledge Panel.[]

A Knowledge Panel shows that Google acknowledges your brand and can collect and connect data related to your business/brand to present users with holistic information.

No doubts, there are tons of benefits accompanied with this feature, to mention a few

  • It boosts organic search
  • It increases Brand and Google reputation,
  • Present you as an authority in the field
  • Increase your Google ranking
  • Boost conversion rate.