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The Netherlands iStrategy is a plan to use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information Management (IM) to streamline the operations of the Central Government (i.e., the Civil Service) and the services it provides to the public.

The strategy was presented to the Dutch parliament by the Minister of the Interior on November 15, 2011. It will be implemented between 2012 and 2015.

The Central Government identified two main problems inhibiting the implementation of cloud computing: the relative immaturity of the cloud computing market, and the government's highly stringent requirements with respect to data protection and privacy. Initially, therefore, cloud computing will only be implemented internally, within the Central Government itself. That is to say, no use will be made of "open" cloud computing, but rather a "closed" cloud will be set up under Central Government's management and control. The cloud will exist within Central Government's own secure network and be managed by its Central Government's own IT staff.

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