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The Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council was established on January 27, 2006, for the purposes of bringing together companies, associations, and other key IT sector participants on a regular basis to coordinate strategic activities and communicate broad sector member views associated with infrastructure protection, response and recovery that are broadly relevant to the IT sector. The IT sector envisions a secure, resilient, and protected global information infrastructure that can rapidly restore services if affected by an emergency or crisis, ensuring the continued and efficient function of information technologies, infrastructures and services for people, governments, and businesses worldwide.

IT-SCC (1) coordinates the integration of broad sector perspectives on CIP policy and strategy; (2) facilitates improved global security for the network of networks underpinning the IT infrastructure and for other sectors and governments that depend upon it; (3) improves understanding (among governments and other entities) of IT sector issues associated with CIP; (4) enhances public confidence in the reliability and integrity of information technologies, infrastructures and services and security of personal information; and (5) improves IT sector coordination with other sector groups and government agencies — International efforts include working with international members and other governments on CIP issues if appropriate.

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