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An interface is a

general term used in the computer world to designate the hardware and associated software needed to enable one device to communicate with another or to enable a person to communicate with computers and related devices.[1]
[n]amed set of operations that characterize the behavior of an entity.[2]

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An interface is

a boundary across which two systems communicate. An interface might be a hardware connector used to link to other devices, or it might be a convention used to allow communication between two software systems.[3]
1.) The functional and physical characteristics required to exist at a common boundary or connection between persons, between systems, or between persons and systems. 2.) A system external to the system being analyzed that provides a common boundary or service that is necessary for the other system to perform its mission in an undergraded mode; e.g., a system that supplies power, cooling, heating, air services, or input signals.[4]

Military Edit

An interface is

[a] shared boundary or point common to two or more similar or dissimilar command and control systems, subsystems, or other entities against which, or at which, or across which useful information takes place.[5]

References Edit

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