Definitions[edit | edit source]

Internet of Things[edit | edit source]

A Device_ID is

[a] unique identifier for a particular sensor, communication channel, aggregator, decision trigger, or eUtility. Further, a Device_ID may be the only sensor data transmitted. This will typically originate from the manufacturer of the entity, but it could be modified or forged.[1]

Mobile device[edit | edit source]

Mobile device IDs (also called simply Device IDs) are "short strings of letters and/or numbers that uniquely identify specific mobile devices."[2]

Overview (Internet of Things)[edit | edit source]

"Today's smartphones typically have multiple device IDs, each used for a different purpose. Some device IDs are used to enable services like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, or to uniquely identify specific devices operating on the carriers' networks. Other device IDs, like Apple's 'UDID' or Android's 'Android ID,' are used by apps, developers, and other companies to identify, track, and analyze devices and their users across various mobile services."[3]

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