Overview[edit | edit source]

The National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), is the International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network — a state-of-the-art secure information sharing system for state and local law enforcement agencies. It provides electronic messaging to allow information exchange between state, local, and federal agencies and support services to justice-related computer programs. The network is operated by Nlets, a non-profit corporation owned and operation by the states and funded solely by fees for service.

The network operates primarily through a secure private network through which each state has an interface to the network, and all agencies within the state operate through this portal. The federal and international components operate very similarly. Users include all U.S. states and territories, Federal agencies with a justice mission, and certain international agencies. The primary operational site for the network is housed in Arizona, with a secure backup site located with the Idaho State Police in the Northwest United States for full continuity of operations in less than thirty minutes.

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