Overview Edit

The Federal Communications Commission's Office of Strategic Planning and Policy (OSP) (previously the Office of Plans and Policy) is responsible for working with the Chairman, Commissioners, Bureaus and Offices to develop a strategic plan identifying short and long term policy objectives for the agency. As part of this process, OSP helps prepare the agency's annual budget ensuring that budget proposals mesh with agency policy objectives and plans. OSP also works with the Office of the Chairman and the Managing Director in developing a workforce strategy consistent with agency policy-related requirements.

OSP engages in sophisticated and timely policy analysis and development. It is responsible for monitoring the state of the communications industry to identify trends, issues and overall industry health, and produces staff working papers. The Office acts as expert consultants to the Commission in areas of economic, business and market analysis and other subjects that cut across traditional lines such as the Internet. The Office also reviews legal trends and developments not necessarily related to current FCC proceedings, such as intellectual property law, Internet and e-commerce issues.