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Daniel Fagnant & Kara M. Kockelman, Preparing a Nation for Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Barriers and Policy Recommendations (Oct. 2013) (Eno Center for Transportation) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This paper serves as an introduction to AV technology, its potential impacts, and hurdles for transportation professionals and policymakers.

It seeks to explore the feasible aspects of AVs and discuss their potential impacts on the transportation system. This research explores the remaining barriers to well-managed, large-scale AV market penetration and suggests federal-level policy recommendations for an intelligently planned transition, as AVs become a growing share of our transportation system.

The paper contains three major sections:

The first section reviews existing literature to ascertain system benefts and impacts with respect to traffc safety, congestion, and travel behaviors. The information is used to estimate and monetize traveler benefits in the form of crash and congestion reduction as well as parking savings across multiple levels of market penetration. The analysis refects not only autonomous capabilities for individual vehicles, but also increasingly connected and cooperative vehicles and infrastructure systems.

The second section investigates barriers to AV adoption and implementation, primarily from a consumer and regulatory standpoint, rather than technical feasibility. These barriers were largely identifed in the literature and in discussions with experts.

The fnal section proposes concrete policy recommendations to directly address potential barriers flagged in the second section.