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Federal Communications Commission, Spectrum Policy Task Force Report, ET Docket No. 02­135 (Nov. 2002) (full-text).

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"In November 2002, the FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force issued its Report, titled the Spectrum Policy Task Force Report. The Report sought to provide a comprehensive and systematic review of FCC spectrum policy and to catalyze reform of that policy. The Report offered a number of findings and recommendations aimed at improving spectrum policy and ensuring that it is able to evolve with technology and applications."

The Task Force concluded that

while the commission has recently made some major strides in how spectrum is allocated and assigned in some bands, principally through flexible rules and competitive bidding, spectrum policy is not keeping pace with the relentless spectrum demands of the market. The Task Force has begun the process of reexamining 90 years of spectrum policy to ensure that the commission's policies evolve with the consumer-driven evolution of new wireless technologies, devices, and services.

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