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Federal Communications Commission, Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism, A National Broadband Plan for Our Future, FCC 11-125 (Aug. 10, 2001).

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This Report and Order requires E-rate recipient schools to certify that they have updated their Internet safety policy to include provisions for educating minors about social networking sites and cyberbullying awareness. The update to the Internet safety policy is required in addition to other requirements that schools must comply with under the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Congress required this change to schools’ Internet safety policies as part of the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act, which is adopted verbatim in the Report and Order. The Report and Order also revise the Commission’s rules to more accurately reflect the statutory language originally passed by Congress in CIPA in 2001. Finally, the Report and Order makes minor corrections to the E-rate program Sixth Report and Order released September 28, 2010.