Definition[edit | edit source]

Script kiddies are

[u]nskilled attackers who do not have the ability to discover new vulnerabilities or write exploit code, and are dependent on the research and tools from others. Their goal is achievement. Their sub-goals are to gain access and deface web pages.[1]

A script kiddie is

a less skilled individual who uses ready-made scripts, or programs, that can be found on the Internet to conduct cyber attacks, such as web defacements.[2]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The term "script kiddie" is used within the hacker community in a derogatory manner to refer to a hacker with little computer knowledge and few abilities who breaks into systems using scripts posted to the Internet by more skilled hackers. It is generally assumed that script kiddies are kids who lack the ability to write sophisticated hacking programs on their own and that their objective is to try to impress their friends or gain credit in underground cracker communities.

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