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"Black Boxes" in Passenger Vehicles: Policy Issues to 419
419 fraud to AFSAC
AR to A Road Map Toward Resilience Against Botnets
A Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research to Acquired Rights Directive
Acquired data to Advance royalty
Advance shipping notice to Air Force Spectrum Management Office
Air Force Supplement to the Department of Defense Dictionary of Mil... to Analog-to-digital conversion
Analog-to-digital converter to Application of Self-Regulatory Principles to the Mobile Environment
Application of the Self-Regulatory Principles of Transparency and C... to Assessment Information Management System
Assessment Technologies v. Wiredata to Audit Report, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Monitoring o...
Audit and Accountability to Automated identification technologies
Automated identification technology to BK
BKA to Basic service
Basic testing to Bioagent
Biochip to Blurring
Blurring the Lines: 2013 TMT Global Security Study to Broadcast videography
Broadcaster to C.B.C. Distribution v. Major League Baseball
CS2SAT to Camp Pitt
Campagna v. Hill to Center for Computer/Law
Center for Computer Systems Security to Chief Human Capital Officer
Chief Information Officer to Clearly erroneous
Cleartext to Cognitivism
Cognizant Security Agency to Commodity
Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System to Competitive insourcing
Competitive intelligence to Computer Systems Security and Privacy Advisory Board
Computer Systems and the Millennium to Conference bridge
Conference call to Content-based regulation
Content-based restriction to Copy controls
Copy protection to Countervailing duties
Countervailing duty to Critical infrastructure resiliency
Critical infrastructure sector to Cyber Action Team
Cyber Analysis and Warning: DHS Faces Challenges in Establishing a ... to Cyberfunding
Cybergripe to DCCI
DMZ to Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
Danish Defense Intelligence Service to Data item description
Data item name to Declaring War on Scareware
Declassification to Demagnetizing
Demand-assigned multiple access to Device endpoint
Device fingerprint to Digital dust
Digital eantity to Directorate for Information Management
Directorate for Information Management and Chief Information Officer to DoD Directive 5535.4
DoD Directive 8000.01 to Due-process
Due Diligence Over Third Party Service Providers to E360insight v. Comcast
E3A to EOB
EOC to Edgar Online v. Parisi
Edge to Electronic address
Electronic agent to Emergency response
Emergency response provider to Ephemeral
Ephemeral copies to Excluded Parties List System
Exclusion to Extraction
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative to FM 2-22.401
FM 2-91.4 to False non-match
False non-match rate to Federal dashboard
Federal gambling statute to First-to-file
First-to-invent to Forward auction
Forward channel to Future Directions for the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data...
Future Directions–Governance of the National Spatial Data Infrast... to GPS III
GPS III satellite to Geographic separation
Geographic term to Global security
Global spatial data infrastructure to Grey-market goods
Grey data to HLC
HLR to Health care clearinghouse
Health care industry to Honey client
Honeymonkey to IA Certification and Accreditation
IA Confidentiality to IIW
ISO/Guide 73:2009 to IdP
IdSP to In-vehicle navigation system
In-world to Industrial control system
Industrial design to Information Technology: Activities of Washington Data Processing Ce...
Information Technology: Administration and Control of Procurement a... to Information sharing system
Information society to Integrated Collaborative Environment
Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Networks to Inter-message threat
InterLATA to International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization/International Electr... to Internet marketing
Internet meme to J-Standard
J-UCAS to Joint intelligence preparation of the operational environment
Joint intelligence process to Knowbot
Knowing to Law Enforcement Tech Guide for Information Technology Security: How...
Law Enforcement Technical Forum to Link farming
Link juice to Lynx
Lyricist to MSC
MSC Malaysia to Management controls
Management countermeasure to Mediation
Mediation function to Microsoft v. Software Wholesale Club
Microstrategy v. Business Objects to Mobile device
Mobile device ID to Multi-tenancy
Multi-tenant to NCIAP
NISTIR 7751 to NSD-42
NSD/DoJ to National Broadband Strategy for 2010
National Bureau of Economic Research to National Intelligence Board
National Intelligence Coordination Center to Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Naval Network Warfare Command to Networks and Information Integration Overarching Integrated Product...
Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and Militancy to North American Datum of 1983
North American Electric Reliability Corporation to OMB Circular A-130
OMB Circular A-16 to Off-line attack
Off-line cryptosystem to One Laptop Per Child
One Laptop per Child to Openness
Openness Principle to Outsourced service
Outsourcing to POC
POCSAG to Pass off
Pass phrase to Performing rights societies
Performing rights society to Piconet
Picosatellite to Postcode
Poste, Téléphone et Télécommunications to Printout
Prior-art to Proactive network defense
Probabilities to Protecting Consumers Online
Protecting Consumers from Cyberfraud to Purchase order
Purchaser to RMS
RNACS to Rebuttable presumption
Recall to Regulatory and Policy Implications of Emerging Technologies to Spec...
Regulatory sandbox to Reputation-based system
Reputation cost to Risk Analysis Process for Informed Decision-making
Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection to SATCOM
SATCOM system to SOIC
SOIG to Satellite telecommunications industry
Satellite telephony to Secure Border Initiative: DHS Needs to Follow Through on Plans to R...
Secure Configurations Are Initially Established on Employee Compute... to Self-decryption
Self-driving car to Sharing intelligence
Sharing of Cyber Threat Indicators and Defensive Measures by the Fe... to Smart Metering Initiative
Smart Metering of Electricity and Gas to Sole-source
Sole-source contract to Srsly
Stability to Stocktake of Progress Toward the Key Elements of a Fully Liberalise...
Stone Ghost to Substituted service of process
Substitution to System programmer
System programming to TRIPs Agreement
TRIPwire to Technocratic
Technoethics to Temporary Restraining Order
Temporary access eligibility to The Independent Game Developers Association
The Information Commons to Time-and-materials contract
Time-dependent password to Transactional information
Transactional or relationship to Twenty-First Century Government: Expanding Broadband Access and Usa...
Twenty Important Controls for Effective Cyber Defense and FISMA Com... to UC
UCA to Unbundled warranty
Unbundling to Unpublished
Unpublished material to Vacuum-tube
Vacuum tube to Virtual Organization
Virtual Private Network to WGI
WGIG to Web host
Web hosting to Wireless communication device
Wireless communications to YouTube
YouTube channel to Clear screen policy
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