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General Edit

A stakeholder is

[a]ny person or representative of an organization who has a stake — a vested interest — in the outcome of a project or whose opinion must be accommodated. A stakeholder can be an end user, a purchaser, a contractor, a developer, or a project manager.[1]
[a] person, group, or organization that has a legitimate direct or indirect interest in a system because that person, group, or organization can affect or be affected by the system's objectives, policies, or operations in any stage of the system life cycle.[2]
[i]ndividuals or organizations that stand to gain from the success or failure of a system/initiative.[3]

Privacy Edit

A stakeholder is

an agency or individual that is essential to the development and implementation of the privacy and civil liberties policy and who contributes to, but is not a member of, the project team. Stakeholders have interests in the outcome of the policy and provide input (for example, focus groups, surveys, documents for public comment, or invited speakers at team meetings).[4]

References Edit

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