Overview[edit | edit source]

The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI), examines the connection between law and information technology (IT). The Institute’s area of interest includes the interpretation and application of laws in the digital environment as well as methods for legally customized methods for system development and system administration. The Institute’s area of specialization extends from IT law to legal automation. It is an independent research institute at the University of Stockholm’s Law Faculty, where the subject of Legal Informatics enjoys a high profile status. It promotes activities both on campus as well as off campus.

As far as its on campus activities are concerned, the Institute’s associates are active within research, education and administration. Outside of the university, the Institute pursues extensive activity in cooperation with other research centres, not only within Sweden but also internationally. It even cooperates with public authorities, private companies as well as other organizations. This cooperation includes education issues, research questions and other aspects of legal informatics that are encountered in various types of inquiries and activities, with a particular focus on cross-scientific projects and the Institute is often referred to for an opinion on most of the state inquiries that touch on the IT sphere.

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