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Technical intelligence (TECHINT) is

[i]ntelligence derived from the collection, processing, analysis, and exploitation of data and information pertaining to foreign equipment and material for the purpose of preventing technological surprise, assessing foreign scientific and technical capabilities, and developing countermeasures designed to neutralize an adversary’s technological advantages.[1]


"A comprehensive TECHINT enterprise is vital to providing precise direction and purpose to DoD research and development and exploitation processes. This ensures quick and efficient neutralization of threat technological advantages and networks in direct support of the commander and S&TI community.

TECHINT has three goals:

  • To ensure U.S. forces maintain a technological advantage against any threat.
  • To provide timely, relevant, accurate, predictive, and tailored support using captured enemy materiel to provide U.S. forces intelligence, information, and training on foreign weapons systems.
  • To assess the capabilities and vulnerabilities of captured materials and provide detailed assessments of foreign technological threat capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities."[2]


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