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OECD, The Future of Money (2002) (full-text).


This publication brings together the papers presented at an OECD Forum for the Future conference held in Luxembourg on 11-13 July 2001. The conference had two primary aims: first, to explore the interrelationship between new forms of money and technological, economic and social change; and second, to consider the implications for leadership in the public and private sectors.

The conference was organized around three sessions. The first set the stage by looking back to historic developments, and forward to the technologies that could influence future forms of money. The second examined how interactions over the next few decades between new forms of money and economic and social changes could give rise to a wide range of new opportunities and risks. Finally, the third considered the ways in which public and private sector decision makers might encourage synergy between new forms of money and technological, economic and social dynamism.

This publication also includes an introduction prepared by the OECD Secretariat. As with all previous Forum for the Future publications, this introduction not only endeavours to provide an overview of the main issues at stake and to reflect the richness of the very lively debate that took place; it also attempts to further advance the thinking on the subject in hand, inspired by the fruitful discussions at the meeting.