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I`m currently studying law at the university, but my interest are also in business, IT and politics. I created this accont mainly for educational purposes, but I am happy to embrace whatever this site might have to offer! I think that it is extremely important for legal and economic professionals to not just learn about IT, but also to see where and how they can involve themselves in it, and what underlying structural idea should govern that involvement. The question of the future of the internet and of the IT-society as a whole, is not merely a technological one, it is also a political, legal and economic challange.

My intention is that through deeper knowledge about IT and law, ideas about how future societies and corporations might develop and be organised will have a chance to grow. The gap between these professional fields has already started to be bridged, and I will enthusiastically take part in that movement.

Below, I will post a list of the articles I have found particularly interesting or/and helpful. If I have any reflections on the matters brought up in the articles, I will post them in that same list.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


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